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Understanding personal impact

Team development is, in essence, the by-product of a group of individuals identifying and understanding the impact they have on each other in different situations and using this knowledge to improve their collective performance.

A Client Requirement

A facilities function of a high-performance sports team wanted to improve their own performance through greater self-awareness of the impact they have on each other.

A Teamscapes Solution

A sequence of events provided the team with a safe environment to reflect on their behaviours and the personal impact they create and experience. These sessions required highly empathetic facilitation along with coaching techniques. By first displacing the conversation onto our activities, the participants began to find the right language to discuss their performance safely together before turning their attention onto their own personal performance and how it enabled, and at times perhaps hindered, the wider team. From these discussions, team members were able to build personal action plans to support individual and team growth.

A Solution Shared

Understanding personal impact brings incredible ROI to any business in any industry. We support teams in healthcare, engineering, construction and many other industries which are ready to build their self-awareness. It’s what transforms good teams into great performers.

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