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We enable leaders and their organisations to create positive change. We understand that leadership development is not just about imparting knowledge but about driving real, impactful transformation through immersive and highly engaging, life-changing experiences.


With a difference ...

Business Impact

We foster self-awareness, courage, and accountability, helping leaders develop the human skills that drive real change. This leads to enhanced team performance, increased productivity, and overall organisational effectiveness, ensuring your organisation achieves its strategic goals.

Agile Programme Delivery

Our agile delivery ensures flexibility and responsiveness to your organisation’s evolving needs. For example, during a 6-month programme, we adjust upcoming modules based on your current business objectives and leadership requirements.

Deeply Personal & Immersive

Each leader embarks on a transformative journey with support tailored to their unique context. This deeply personal and immersive approach creates a lasting impact, empowering leaders to drive sustainable change within their teams and across the organisation.

CEO & Founder Lucy McGibbon

We developed a new approach to sustainable behaviour change

Change, especially in behaviour, can often seem intimidating. Yet, it is the cornerstone of any meaningful development in leadership, team performance, and organisational culture. Many programmes fail to create lasting behaviour change because they focus too much on theory and often include few sessions to practise implementing new skills within safe environments.


With nearly 3 decades delivering programmes and events for leadership teams, we have developed a unique approach that forms the foundation of all our leadership programmes: The 3 Pillars of Leadership Development. At Teamscapes, we ensure that your leaders not only learn new skills but also bring them to life back at work, supporting sustainable behaviour change and real transformation within your organisation.

Lucy McGibbon, CEO, Teamscapes

3 Pillars of Leadership Development

We developed these 3 pillars to create the foundation of all our leadership programmes, they enable sustainable behaviour change.

Mastering Self

Mastering Self is about developing a deep understanding of one's own strengths, values, and leadership style. This pillar focuses on fostering self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which are essential for effective leadership. By awakening inner leadership, leaders become more attuned to the motivations and behaviours of their teams.

Empowering Vision

Empowering Vision involves creating and communicating a compelling vision that aligns with organisational goals and inspires the team. This pillar emphasises strategic thinking and the ability to influence and engage others. Leaders learn to craft a clear vision, think strategically, and use storytelling to inspire their teams.

Enabling Action

Enabling Action is about turning vision into reality through effective execution and fostering a culture of accountability. This pillar focuses on practical strategies that drive results and empower teams to take ownership of their work. Leaders learn to make ethical decisions, promote cross-functional collaboration, and continuously seek improvement.





Leadership Journey

Not only are we experts in sustainable behaviour change, but we are also experts in developing innovative and impactful journeys.

Example Leadership Journey.png

Interested to discover how we customise your programme?

We enable your leaders to create positive change within your organisation.

Customised & 
Truly Unique

Our approach ensures the programme is perfectly aligned with your specific needs, objectives, and values. We adopt your language, incorporate your key messages, and tailor the experience to feel like it belongs to your organisation.

What makes it ‘Truly Unique’? Teamscapes’ one-of-a-kind ‘Breakthrough’ event involves planning, practising, and executing a bridge construction under extreme conditions.


This specialist activity demands that your leaders demonstrate the skills developed thus far. Working as one, they need to pull together and showcase modern enabling leadership in action, as complex tasks and multiple roles require dedicated collaboration and trust.

Leadership Team Construction a Bridge
Work-based Assignments

Tailored to Your Custom Module or Event

We support your people between interventions with leadership and team coaching, ensuring they develop your business while we support their personal growth.

Tailored Assessments for Effective Leadership Development

Our leadership programme uses a multi-stage process with questionnaires, discovery sessions, and surveys to tailor the programme and measure its effectiveness.

Key Features: 

  • Initial Insight Gathering: Start with questionnaires and discovery sessions with key stakeholders to understand your leadership team’s needs and challenges.

  • Baseline and Follow-Up Surveys: Conduct baseline surveys before the programme and follow-up surveys after to measure progress and effectiveness.

  • Ongoing Monitoring: Provide periodic check-ins and surveys during the programme to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments.

  • ROI Measurement: Capture specific metrics through surveys to clearly see the programme’s impact and effectiveness.

Who is Leadership Development For?

Designed to improve your business through your people we support you in fostering a culture of empowerment, trust, and continuous improvement.

Senior Executives and C-Suite Leaders

Executives who aim to lead with vision, inspire their teams, and drive strategic initiatives that require high levels of collaboration and innovation. Our leadership development helps senior leaders develop the skills to empower their workforce and navigate complex business landscapes effectively.

Emerging Leaders

Individuals who are on the path to leadership and are eager to develop their leadership style and capabilities. The programme provides emerging leaders with foundational skills, preparing them to take on greater responsibilities and make a significant impact within their organisations.

HR and Learning & Development Professionals

Professionals responsible for talent development and organisational growth. The programme provides HR and L&D teams with innovative approaches to leadership development, enabling them to create programmes that cultivate enabling leaders across the organisation.

Teams Seeking Enhanced Collaboration

Teams that aim to improve their internal communication, trust, and overall effectiveness. The programme helps teams build stronger relationships, foster mutual respect, and achieve higher levels of performance through collaborative efforts.

Middle Management

Managers who are responsible for bridging the gap between strategic goals and day-to-day operations. This programme equips middle managers with the tools to improve team dynamics, communication, and implement strategies that boost overall team performance and morale.

Team Leaders and Project Managers

Leaders who oversee specific teams or projects and need to foster a collaborative and high-performing environment. This programme offers practical strategies to manage diverse teams, handle conflicts, and ensure that projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

Organisations Undergoing Change

Companies that are experiencing significant transformations, such as mergers, acquisitions, or restructures. Leadership development is crucial for managing change effectively, maintaining employee engagement, and ensuring a smooth transition during periods of upheaval.


  • What is the maximum cohort size you offer (both virtually and in the room)?
    At Teamscapes, we believe in creating dynamic and engaging learning environments. Our cohort sizes can accommodate up to 24 participants virtually and up to 48 participants in person. This balance ensures high energy and interaction, fostering opportunities for deep learning and growth. To maintain a personalised experience, we incorporate smaller breakout groups and provide 1:1 coaching, ensuring each participant receives the attention and support they need for a truly transformative journey.
  • Do you offer stand-alone workshops for leadership development?
    Yes, we offer stand-alone workshops designed to address specific leadership development needs. Our Team Performance Accelerators are tailored to focus on key areas such as strategy development, communication, and team dynamics. These intensive, high-impact events provide leaders with practical tools and strategies they can implement immediately. Each session is crafted to deliver targeted learning experiences that drive meaningful change, whether you’re looking to boost strategic thinking or improve overall team performance.
  • How many facilitators/coaches are present on the leadership programme?
    Our programmes are designed with a facilitator-to-delegate ratio of 1:12, ensuring personalised attention. For larger groups, this will include a lead and support facilitator.
  • How do the '3 Pillars of Leadership Development' make my business more effective?
    Mastering Self: Leaders develop deep self-awareness and emotional intelligence, fostering stronger relationships and better decision-making within your organisation. Empowering Vision: Leaders learn to craft and communicate a compelling vision, aligning their team’s efforts with strategic goals and inspiring collective action. Enabling Action: Leaders implement practical strategies that drive results and cultivate a culture of accountability, ensuring that your team consistently performs at its best.
  • How does the programme offer a personalised journey for delegates?
    Our programme offers a personalised journey through customised content and tailored support. Each delegate starts with an initial assessment to understand their unique needs and objectives. Module Selection and Customisation: We select and customise modules based on each delegate’s specific needs, ensuring relevant and impactful content. Personal Coaching: Delegates receive 1:1 coaching sessions to address specific challenges and foster individual growth. Small Group Work: We incorporate smaller breakout groups for deeper discussions and personalised feedback. Custom Assignments: Work-based assignments tailored to each delegate’s role ensure practical application and relevance.
  • What is a behavioural change programme?
    A behavioural change programme focuses on helping individuals change their habits and behaviours to improve personal and organisational performance. At Teamscapes, our programmes use hands-on experiences, one-on-one coaching, and regular feedback to ensure these new behaviours are effectively learned and applied, leading to lasting positive change in leadership and teamwork.
  • What level of seniority do you work with?
    We work with leaders at all levels, from senior executives and middle managers to emerging leaders and team leaders. Our tailored programmes enhance strategic vision and leadership effectiveness, improve team dynamics, and equip future leaders with essential skills. This ensures every participant gains the insights needed to excel and drive organisational success.

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