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Onboarding talent

Onboarding in a hybrid work environment presents new challenges to engaging new joiners and welcoming them into the business with clarity and care.

A Client Requirement

A public authority which brings in a new cohort of apprentices twice a year via an online induction process wanted to include an in-person experience that built trust, developed cross functional relationships, celebrated resilience and allowed apprentices to feel the organisation’s values in action.

A Teamscapes Solution

We created a full-day event of group learning activities interspersed with discursive sessions which allowed the apprentices to identify and explore the organisational values and experience them in action as they worked together to complete a set of challenges. As they got to know each other in person, outside of a Teams session, they discovered each other’s strengths, thereby building trust and confidence in themselves and their placement.

“In a virtual working environment, it’s much harder to create natural peer networks. This event worked really well and has reassured us that our apprentices are all able to articulate the Council's values and what they mean to them in their work.”

A Solution Shared

With hybrid work models reinventing the onboarding process in almost every industry around the world, making the most of those precious in-person moments is vital. It’s these moments which lets new talent ‘feel’ their workplace for themselves and experience the culture they’ve joined. We work with many organisations, public and private, to help them embrace their new starts and welcome them into the fold.

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