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Living values

Cultivating a company’s values so they live in the behaviours and decisions of its people instead of residing solely on a poster or webpage is mission critical if the culture is to be the best for success.

A Client Requirement

A global aerospace client looked to improve its consistency of culture across the business and provide its leaders with greater confidence to make decisions based on its core values.

A Teamscapes Solution

Across a two-day event, an 80+ team of leaders came together to define its values and agree descriptors which brought each to life in their working world. They were then tasked with illustrating the heart of each value by using items from their environment to brand the pillars of their culture. The experience encouraged each leader to internalise their values and collectively explore how to best communicate and role-model them.

A Solution Shared

The work of developing a business culture tends to lean on a variety of pillars, be these core values, behaviours or just one all-encompassing purpose statement. We work with many clients across Finance, Construction and Healthcare to help them foster the right culture to achieve their business goals.

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