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Embracing change

With change now constant, supporting teams through acquisitions, mergers and restructures so they can continue to perform at their best is an acute need among many businesses.

A Client Requirement

After a series of internal restructures, a global Professional Services client of ours needed to merge three large teams across multiple sites without disturbing the gold standard service they provide to their internal clients.

A Teamscapes Solution

We first worked with the newly merged leadership team to create a unified vision which each leader could share consistently across their teams. Next came a series of away-days where the wider team generated ideas to realise the vision. As well as a detailed report of strategic actions captured from the sessions, a piece of artwork, created by all, became a showpiece in their new offices. It helps 200+ people internalise the change and own their new identity together.

A Idea Shared

Teamscapes has taken similar approaches with software companies, UK lobbyists and global retailers. If change is impacting your organisation, we can help. 

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