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Building teams

Supercharging the development of a new team, or revitalising the dynamics of an existing team, is vital to capitalising on an organisation’s investment in its people.

A Client Requirement

A team from a well-known high street retail brand were keen to sustain and strengthen their togetherness after a restructure had redefined roles and responsibilities.

A Teamscapes Solution

Over a two-day off-site event, we presented this team of 18 people with a series of experiential learning activities which progressed them through an upward spiral of learning. After each activity, a process of debrief and peer discussion helped to identify where the team were strong and where they needed to focus development. This learning was then taken into ever more challenging activities, requiring them to break down silo mentalities and utilise the breadth of talents across all team members. Finally, they distilled their experiential learnings into tangible actions for the workplace.

A Solution Shared

With a vast array of activities at our disposal, along with the in-house skills to develop new activities from scratch, there isn’t a team yet we haven’t been able to design and build the ideal solution for. Since our beginnings, we’ve delivered days like these for hundreds of businesses across every known industry.

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