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Luck or Leadership: The Style Behind England's Euros Success

EURO 2024 Football with Germany Flag behind
EURO 2024 Germany

As England strides into the semi-finals of the Euros, fans and pundits alike are debating a tantalising question: has England's progress been a product of strategic leadership, sheer luck, or a bit of both? This analysis invites readers to explore and question the leadership style at play, the influence of key players, and the potential paths forward for the team and their own leadership styles.

The Enabling Leadership Approach?

One might argue that England's journey under Gareth Southgate showcases a leadership style that is enabling rather than authoritarian. Southgate’s approach appears to empower players, fostering an environment where trust, empathy, and agile decision-making are central. This is evident in his formation of a "leadership group" within the squad, consisting of players like Harry Kane, Declan Rice, Kyle Walker, and Jude Bellingham​ (Evening Standard)​​ (​.

Southgate has been known to balance consultation with decisive action, seeking the views of his senior players while also making independent strategic decisions. This method not only includes the voices of experienced players but also nurtures leadership qualities in younger talents​ (Yahoo Sports)​.

Consistency vs. Change

Should England maintain this leadership style, or is it time for a change? Consistency can provide stability and a sense of security within the team. However, some argue that a new leadership approach might invigorate the squad, pushing them to adapt and innovate. This dilemma is akin to decisions faced in many organisations: whether to stick with a proven leadership model or embrace new strategies to stimulate growth and resilience​​​​.

Unofficial Leaders

It's worth noting that leadership within the England squad isn't confined to those with official titles. Players like Harry Kane and Jordan Henderson exhibit strong leadership on and off the field, setting examples through their actions and attitudes. This dynamic underscores the importance of unofficial leaders who influence team morale and performance without formal recognition​ (Evening Standard)​​ (​.

Reflecting on Personal Leadership Styles

This discussion extends beyond football, prompting readers to reflect on their own leadership styles. Are you enabling or disabling your team, consciously or subconsciously? An enabling leader nurtures potential and fosters a supportive environment, while a disabling leader might stifle growth through excessive control or lack of trust. Reflecting on these dynamics can reveal areas for personal and professional improvement, encouraging a more empowering approach to leadership​​​​.

Overcoming Failure: Saka's Journey

An inspiring subplot to England's journey is the story of Bukayo Saka. In the Euro 2020 final, Saka missed a crucial penalty, a moment that led to heartbreak for the team and vicious online abuse for the young player​ (Sky Sports)​. Fast forward to the recent match against Switzerland, Saka stepped up to take another penalty and scored, demonstrating immense resilience and courage​ (The Independent)​​ (Sky Sports)​.

This highlights the critical role of failure in personal and professional growth. Saka's ability to overcome his past mistake and succeed under pressure is a testament to the importance of perseverance and mental strength. It’s a reminder that failure, while painful, can be a powerful teacher and motivator.

Luck vs. Leadership

Ultimately, has England's success (so far) been down to luck or leadership? While luck plays a role in any competitive sport, it is the strategic leadership and empowering environment cultivated by Southgate that has laid the foundation for success. By creating a culture where players feel valued and capable, England maximises their chances of seizing opportunities when they arise​​​​.


England's impressive run in the Euros provides a fascinating case study in leadership. It challenges us to consider the effectiveness of different leadership styles and their impact on team performance. As we cheer on the Three Lions, let’s also reflect on our own leadership journeys, striving to become leaders who enable success and foster high-performing teams.


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