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Leadership coaching

Managing dispersed teams and multiple objectives can give rise to a unique blend of pressures in leaders which only one-to-one coaching can truly support.

A Client Requirement

With the agriculture sector experiencing acute challenges driven by a range of external forces, from political and pandemic, the impact on its businesses and leaders is high. In response, one client looked to layer its successful leadership learning offer with a coaching programme for those who wanted it.

A Teamscapes Solution

A programme of two-hour individual coaching sessions across six to eight weeks, built on the principles of trust, clear objectives, motivation and a balance of support and challenge. Where appropriate, each programme incorporated the use of leadership tools already utilised within the business, such as a profiling and 360 feedback model.

A Solution Shared

For coaching to succeed, it is vital the chemistry between coach and individual is right. With many qualified professional coaches among our facilitation team, we ensure this match is always right, regardless of the organisation or sector we are working in.

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