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Interdepartmental success

Whilst some teams can be high-performing, how well they work with other teams can make or break success in achieving an organisation’s goals.

A Client Requirement

A group of public authority teams which oversee a complex supply chain were brought together under one leadership team. Whilst high-performers in their own right, they needed to improve communications and workflows across their wider operations.

A Teamscapes Solution

A programme of interventions brought the new leadership team together to establish a new ‘one team’ culture and examine the gaps between teams which had previously gone uncharted. At Teamscapes, we tend to call this Dark Matters; the unobserved part of your universe which you know is there but which goes under the radar because, well, out of sight generally means out of mind. Leaders shared their goals, listened to others and identified ways in which their team can enable others. Each event created a set of actions for leaders to implement prior to the next session where they shared progress and celebrated interdepartmental successes which previously went undetected.

A Solution Shared

Whilst managing supply chains can be a complex picture of procurement, regulation, packaging, branding and the like, these dark matters exist in almost every large organisation. To learn more, read our Dark Matters article: .

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