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Developing strategy

The best strategy planning is served by facilitation which has no vested interest in the business at hand; facilitation which encourages creative thinking and sustains proactive challenge whilst keeping business objectives firmly in sight.

A Client Requirement

A department of a global non-profit organisation wanted to regularly review its progress across all strategic objectives and explore how to maximise its impact across the entire organisation at every opportunity.

A Teamscapes Solution

Via quarterly get-togethers, online and in-person, the leadership team unswervingly return to their purpose – organisational and departmental – before assessing headway made on ‘making their purpose real’. Armed with insights from their respective teams, and with the support of an expert Teamscapes facilitator, they share best practices and seek out the strongest opportunities. Teamscapes activities also help leaders to cascade learnings and speak with one voice, be that in-person, via social or ‘on air’.

A Solution Shared

Whether quarterly, annually, or in one-off sessions, we bring the means whilst our clients bring the ideas. We regularly facilitate strategy sessions for businesses in Agriculture, Finance and Housing.

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