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Corperate Responcibility 

Our social responsibility actions, policies and strategies are based on a belief that ‘we are what we do’. Teamscapes has a strong culture of integrity which is embedded throughout the business and is critical to ensuring that we retain the trust of our clients, our suppliers and society.

Concern for the environment and our surroundings is an integral and fundamental part of the business.

Honourable and ethical practices are not simply encouraged, they are expected, and we endeavour always to be a pleasure to do business with.

Our aims fall across four key areas: the environment, sustainability, ethical purchasing, and social engagement.


We work to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment by doing the following:

  • Making efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy

  • Minimising waste; recycling and reusing wherever possible

  • Operating a sustainable purchasing policy – giving preference to environmentally friendly suppliers and products


We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions as part of our core business performance. Initiatives include:

  • Reducing energy by using energy-saving lighting and appliances

  • Using energy-saving technology

  • Supporting local charities and projects


We give preference to venues, suppliers and services who share our views on responsible business practice. These include:

  • Commitment to high quality standards

  • Best value for money

  • Minimising impact on local, national and global environment

  • Use of local, free range and fair trade products


We make various donations to charities throughout the year.

When finding venues for our charity customers, we work hard to negotiate specific charity rates to help save on costs so that maximum funds can be put into their projects and campaigns.

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